Incorporatief saluut

Incorporated image of mobile experiments which combine a shipping motive (1993), a paper figure from a balancing act (1998), a green container (2008), a porter prop from a recent installation (2017). It is a salute leading into a next situation.74FED389-53A2-4B3D-9583-23444D0CEBCC


Nieuwe Aanwinst

Nieuwe Aanwinst (2017)

15 september, UniversiteitsBibliotheek Amsterdam
10 oktober, Van der Velde Boekhandels, Assen
10 november, Artistic Research symposium, Groningen
30 november, ArtMeetUp, Drents Museum, Assen

Vrijheid en Openbaarheden

Vrijheid en Openbaarheden. Onlangs gepubliceerd. Officiële presentaties in de herfst. Wacht niet, Bestel nu! Alleen nederlandse tekst. ISBN 9789463425636
-Freedom and the Public Domain. Recently published, official presentations in the Fall. Do not wait. Order now! Dutch text. English summary is expected, sometime. Please ask me.
-La Libertad y el Espacio Público. Recientemente publicado, presentación oficial en otoño. Texto en idioma holandés. Se espera un resumen, una vez. Por favor, preguntame.
-Freiheit und Öffentlichkeit. Ein Buch über das Verhältnis von Kunst, Epistemologie, Forschung und dem öffentlichen Bereich. Niederländische Text.IMG_5501


Some rhetoric in 5 ways concerning a subdued wave of light greenish (which might connect 17th century Flemish baroque painting to early 19th century Japanese printmaking).img_4974


A crispery case. You can read it from left to right, top to bottom, front to back. Some things stay in- or offside. A very elementary notion following recent research into the concept of ‘universalism’ and unknown developments generated by gene editing.img_4748